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Judgment Domestication in Korea

If you have already obtained judgment in your country, there is no need to get another on in Korea.

A judgment of a foreign country outside Korea can be recognized and enforced in Korea. For that, the foreign judgment should be declared by the Court of Korea in the form of a judgment of execution that it is legal. There are several criteria that should be met for the judgment domestication in Korea: 1.    It shall be a Foreign Judgment 2.    International Jurisdiction of the Foreign Court shall be recognized 3.    Services of process shall be properly made 4.    Foreign Judgment shall not violate Good Morals and Other Social Order 5.    There shall be Mutual Guarantee Once declared by the Court of Korea that it is legal, foreign judgments have the same legal effect as judgments made by Korean Courts. One can proceed with compulsory execution pursuant to relevant Korean laws.

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