Our attorneys are admitted to Korean Bar Association and have been well-trained to appear in court and argue the cases of our clients. You will need an experienced local advocate who is well-informed of your case, responsive, and equipped with good communication skills. Our attorneys can communicate with clients in English and have experience of working with multiple foreign clients.

Contract Disputes, Tort & Damages Cases


Many of our clients have contacted us to recover their money owed by Korean residents or business partners. Under Korean law, only attorneys are allowed to fully represent creditor in the course of debt collection including legal measures through court. In many cases, urgent application for provisional seizure is necessary since debtors will want to avoid compulsory execution and thus will try to hide their assets which will eventually result in failure of collection. For such urgent actions, we are ready to provide adequate services to our clients. 

Contracts, Business Law, Regulations


Commercial Debt, Loan


Sometimes your debtor goes bankrupt and you will need to report your claims as a creditor to the court. Claims must be reported within a specific time limit. If the claim amounts reported by the debtor is wrong, you will need to inform the court to correct it. Our lawyers can help you report to the court on behalf you and your company. 

Creditors also can file for bankruptcy on behalf of the debtor. It can be a pressure to the debtor and in some cases it can also be an effective way to liquidate debtor's assets and collect money. Please contact us for more consultation. 

Business law or commercial law deals with load of issues related with business. Although nowadays business law of each country is getting more similar to that of other counties as today's business became global, some portion of business law is inseparable from local practices. Attorneys at D H Legal Group are educated from highly reputable schools and are conversant with Korean business law. 


Bankruptcy Services for Creditors